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Vetreria Ciri, looking to the future since 1976

The plate glass sector is continually evolving, and has been experiencing a period of strong growth for over a year now. Vetreria Ciri, like most companies in the sector, is grappling with the many changes taking place in the market and, in particular, with the significant growth in demand. How? Thanks to qualified human resources, production programming, and sustained investments to further technological progress and automation.
In fact, ever since its foundation in 1976 in the green region of Umbria, Vetreria Ciri has concentrated its investments on machinery and human resources with the aim of offering an increasingly effective and efficient service, in line with its customers’ needs. The company’s core business has always been the manufacture of high-quality insulating glass, capable of satisfying all needs, for the construction industry.
In addition to its products, over time Vetreria Ciri has developed a service specially tailored to its customers, thanks to personnel with impressive technical qualifications capable of providing them with constant support and, as a result, of building relationships destined to last. What’s more, thanks to the use of highly sophisticated software, it has adopted an approach in recent years based on the programming of production. This is a fundamental tool in enabling delivery times to be met and improvements to be made in the organisation of the entire corporate structure. This is all the more crucial when, as is the case with Vetreria Ciri, the turnaround time for orders — i.e. from when the company receives the order to when the product is delivered to the customer — is just four days.

A few years ago, faced with increased demand, Vetreria Ciri embarked on a programme of planned investments aimed at renewing the machinery it already had and introducing new ones. The plan culminated in 2020-2021 with the installation of a new and completely automated cutting table, a washing machine for double-glazed glass, a scanner for product quality control, an automatic sealing robot and an automatic labeller, in line with the criteria of “Industry 4.0”. What’s more, from the start of 2021, a second production shift was added. This almost doubled the number of products manufactured every day and, as a result, led to an increase in turnover.
But that’s not all. More investments have been planned for the coming years, with the aim of continuing to grow and assuming an increasingly dominant position in the market of insulating glass for the construction industry. Alongside growth, however, the company also aims to improve its environmental sustainability through these investments, reducing its CO2 emissions and energy consumption and thereby reducing its impact on the area where it operates.

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